11 months ago

And the winner of the MACHathon People's Choice Award is...

Dear MACHathon Participants,

It's been such a fantastic two weeks with you, and we're still in awe of all your ideas and hard work for this MACHathon. A big thanks you again for your participation and for making this MACHathon the succes that it was. 

This week, you've given it all again and rallied your troups to support your project in the public voting! 
And how you managed to get the crowd in action! We had more than 1000 people voting on the projects! 

In the end, there can only be one People's Choice Award winner, though. So head over…

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about 2 years ago

And the winners are...

Dear MACHathon Participants, 

the judges have reviewed each of your entries and had their say - and we're excited to announce the winners of the first-ever MACHathon, brought to you by the MACH Alliance. 

The jury has chosen 6 winning teams, one for each of these awards: 

  • the Maturity Award, sponsored by commercetools
  • the Usability Award, sponsored by Amplience
  • the Integration Award, sponsored by Contentstack
  • the Relevance Award, sponsored by Valtech
  • the Viability Award, sponsored by EPAM

And the overall winning team of the MACHathon, the winners of the MACHnificent Award!

Head over to …

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about 2 years ago

Public voting is now open

It's your turn to pick the Popular Choice award winner! Browse 'MACHathon 2021 by the MACH Alliance' submission gallery, click on your favorite, and vote. Be sure to spread the word via your social networks, too!

Please note, as per the Devpost terms of service, you may not tamper with the vote process through manual or automated means, or attempt to compensate voters, at risk of disqualification. Find out more about public voting here.


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.

about 2 years ago

Final call for submissions

Hi MACHathon Participants, 

just a quick reminder: There are only 3 days left to complete your submission for MACHathon 2021 by the MACH Alliance.

Make sure to submit your projects with video, architecture overviews and a some explanatory slides on www.machathon.devpost.com before January 28th, 11.45pm GMT. 

Any questions?

Don't hesitate to get in touch via info@machalliance.org or via our MACHathon Slack Space. 

We're excited to see your results! 

Happy hacking, 
your MACHathon Team

about 2 years ago

Ready? Set. Go!

Dear MACHathon Participants, 

It's time! The offical MACHathon 2021, the first-ever MACHathon by the MACH Alliance has kicked off! 

Our jury members Pascal Lagarde from Valtech and Roberto Carrera from EPAM send you their best wishes. 
They've recorded our MACHathon 2021 kick-off video for you with all the info you'll need. Make sure to check it out here: https://vimeo.com/503010278

If you haven't yet, please don't forget to read our Participants' Briefing Document and the Participants' Tech Briefing . If you have any questions after reading this, please get in touch via mail or via our MACHathon Slack Space.

We wish…

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