Join the very first global MACHathon ever, brought to you by the MACH Alliance! This is the opportunity for you to showcase your most ground-breaking, unthinkable or extravagant ideas - and prove how quickly you can turn them into reality with MACH technology and composable architectures.

Theme: Getting Unstuck

Due to COVID-19’s grip on the world, most of us have experienced what it means to be stuck at home. While that experience is new to many, it has always been the routine for those with health challenges and disabilities - with or without COVID-19. For our MACHathon, show up with your ideas how to help people get virtually un-stuck.

During the MACHathon members from the MACH ecosystem will make their products and knowledge available to the teams including technical and practical support.


Let’s show the world what we can do with MACH technology. In addition to a lot of fun, great prizes await the teams with the best MACHathon ideas and results! Prizes will be unveiled soon.  During the MACHathon week there will be general support and demo’s available from MACH companies to support the teams. 


Q. Who can participate in the MACHathon?

A. Anyone can. Anyone can sign up with friends or colleagues as a team. We require teams of minimum 3 people. 

We especially invite:

* Staff and partners from MACH Alliance members

* Companies who consider going composable and want to try out a proof of concept

* Anyone with a passion for getting their hands on this tech

Q. What skills do people need to sign up?

A. We're excited to see your wildest ideas become reality. Since diverse teams create the best outcomes, we encourage you to get diverse skills on board. So, if you can, team up with product thinkers and business thinkers develop your idea from global relevance to actual product development.

However, don't worry if your team doesn't have the diversity yet. Just join us to see your grand idea come to life!"

Q. What components can participants work with?

A. MACH Alliance members are making their products and knowledge available and you’ll find your way through a properly stocked sandbox, relevant demo’s and webinars to help you create what you need. 

Q. How concrete does my idea have to be to sign up?

A. To sign up, all you need is some free time between the 22nd and 29th of January.

Q. How much time should participants be available?

A. We suggest that every participant has at least 15 hours available throughout the week to be productive enough.

The more time participants can spare, the more advanced the proof of concept will probably be. 

Q. What are some examples of projects?

A. Apart from the general topic and our wish to have project ideas that can make an impact in people's lives, we have mainly drawn inspiration from these sources:

Number of people with disabilities working at Japanese firms tops 500,000 for first time

Japan Cafe Uses Robots Controlled by Disabled People

Be My Eyes - See the world together

How artificial intelligence is creating jobs in India, not just stealing them

How fast can you move with MACH? A 4-week augmented reality experiment

Q. What are some examples of prizes?

A. There is the overall opportunity to show what you can do with hyper modern and composable tech - we’ll help you promote your proof of concept and create a stage to show the examples of possibility.

Additionally MACH Alliance members are sponsoring cash prices for awards in various categories. 

MACH Alliance Members will decide which key components of a solution will be awarded prizes - based for example on the social impact relevance or the specific type of tech used.

Q.  Do you have to use MACH Alliance vendor products? If so, how many?

A. We expect that the teams want to use products or components from MACH Alliance members in their projects and we will make those available. This is not an obligation but will be part of the judging framework. 

Teams using their own API first, Cloud native, Microservice components are absolutely free to do so.


Submissions of projects

MACHathon teams are required to submit a 3-min video of their solution by Thursday, 28th of January, EOD. It is up to them to decide how simple or elaborate they want their video to be. 

As the main cornerstone of the jury’s decision, however, the video should give all judges a good understanding of the team’s project, where they are coming from and why they chose this specific project, how they set up their project, which technologies they used, what their team results of the MACHathon are and if and how they expect to take their project forward after the MACHathon. 


In addition to the video, teams should submit architecture diagrams of their solution as well as a few slides or a document explaining why they chose the tech stack they used

Lastly, teams should submit a live URL, or any other way in which their project can be accessed

Teams can also decide to add more material, however, it’ll be up to the judges to decide if they want to take those additional materials into consideration or not.

Hackathon Sponsors


$3,500 in prizes

The Maturity Award presented by commercetools

This award goes to the most complete end-to-end solution.

The Usability Award presented by Amplience

An award for the most innovative UI/UX

The Integration Award presented by Contentstack

The team with the most innovative combination of solutions stacked together will go home with this award

The Relevance Award presented by EPAM

This award will go to the team with the solution with the highest perceived value for the end users

The Viability Award presented by Valtech

An award for the solution with the highest perceived business value

1st Annual MACHnificent Award

The a grand prize for the overall winners of the first annual MACH Alliance MACHathon MACHnificent award. The winning team will be the one that scores the most points across all criteria of the judging framework. This can be one of the winners of the prizes above, or a different team entirely.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Jasmin Guthmann

Jasmin Guthmann
European Partner Marketing Director | Head of Marketing Germany at Valtech, Chair of Marketing Council at the MACH Alliance

Melanie Wasley

Melanie Wasley
Head of Digital Product at Debenhams, Ambassador of the MACH Alliance

Mihaela Mazzenga

Mihaela Mazzenga
CTO of The Sharper Image, Ambassador of the MACH Alliance

Pascal Lagarde

Pascal Lagarde
VP Commerce at Valtech, Executive Board Member of the MACH Alliance

Peter Burggraaff

Peter Burggraaff
Partner and Director Digital & Technology in Retail at Boston Consulting Group, Ambassador of the MACH Alliance

Roberto Carrera

Roberto Carrera
Senior Solutions Architect at EPAM Systems, Member of the Technology Council at the MACH Alliance

Judging Criteria

  • Social importance
    The video should provide details about the problem that is solving and how it is addressing it Would real people benefit from this? What does it disrupt or improve?
  • Feasibility
    Can this idea be transformed into a finished solution?
  • MACH Technology
    Did it prove to be easily/fast created? Does the solution includes at least one MACH solution? Does the solution follow the MACH principles?
  • Innovation
    How cutting edge is the solution? Have we seen something like this before?

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